Morning Workshops - 10:30 a.m. - 11:20 a.m.

All workshops will be held in the Broadway Edison Building.

Building an Inclusive Community (Equity Track, Part 1)

Valerie Hunt, equity, diversity & inclusion vice president – Seattle Central College
Betsy Hasegawa, equity, diversity & inclusion vice president – South Seattle College

D’Andre Fisher, equity, diversity & inclusion vice president – North Seattle College

Discuss the approaches and challenges to creating space for social justice learning. Learn how to create intentional dialogue and begin to build community and partnership across campus with the lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Participants will be introduced to emergent strategy in higher education and may continue for part 2 of the equity track in the afternoon session.

Climate Justice

Heather Price, math and science faculty – North Seattle College

In this lesson development workshop, faculty will explore climate justice and develop a lesson outline using a disciplinary concept in their field with a climate change topic.

ctcLink: The Unicorns are Coming

Daniel Cordas, ctcLink & student success technology executive director — Seattle Colleges Derrek Pressley, ctcLink campus solutions process specialist – Seattle Colleges Mark Baumann, ctcLink campus solutions and data specialist – Seattle Colleges

October kicks-off the statewide ctcLink project with a go-live target in Winter 2021. Come learn about the planned upgrades and magical unicorns that will transform our student, employee, and financial information systems.

Cultivating Community in the Classroom

Jennifer Calhoun, learning and organizational development manager — Seattle Colleges
Caroline Pew, chemistry faculty - North Seattle College

Join this interactive discussion on how to create community in your classroom. Discuss why it matters, and make a plan for how to intentionally cultivate it, starting with day one of class.

Fundraising, Advancement, and the New Seattle Colleges Foundation

Kerry Howell, advancement vice chancellor – Seattle Colleges
Members of the Seattle Colleges Office of Advancement – Seattle Colleges

Meet the (fun) people and hear the (great) plans for advancing Seattle Colleges in 2019 and beyond

Incorporating AACC’s Community College Leadership Competencies into Faculty/Staff Training

Daniel Tarker, student learning center director – North Seattle College

What competencies, skills, knowledge, behaviors and traits do education leaders need to be successful in our current environment? Examine current findings and discuss how to incorporate key leadership competencies into professional development and mentoring.

Fill the Funnel! Capturing, Engaging, and Recruiting Prospective Students

Barb Childs, communications & recruitment executive director – Seattle Colleges
Christian Granlund, student services assistant director – South Seattle College
Gina Nakamura, outreach and admissions interim director – Seattle Central College
Susan Shanahan, enrollment services and outreach director – North Seattle College

From digital advertising to collecting interest and providing informative websites and responsive email, texting, chatting as well as engaging students at events and information sessions; the digital recruitment funnel is complete.  Now we need you. Come learn about what we’ve built and how you can help fill the funnel and recruit students too.

Supporting Undocumented Students

Sahira Barajas, basic and transitional studies coordinator – Seattle Central College
Sara Rodrigues, basic and transitional studies staff – Seattle Central College

Get the information you need to support and work alongside undocumented students. Discuss barriers and opportunities students face. Learn best practices and how to advocate for equity, inclusion and student success.

Visualizing Seattle Colleges Data: Data Dashboards and the Strategic Plan Scorecard

Victor Kuo, institutional effectiveness executive director — Seattle Colleges

Visualize data in new ways, see quick and intuitive insights about our students and performance trends with the Tableau software highlighting the Seattle Colleges Strategic Plan 2017-23 Scorecard.

A forum for math faculty to engage in a discussion, to share information, and to look for areas of opportunity to work together to make further progress on getting our students to and through college-level math.



Afternoon Workshops - 1:00 p.m. - 1:50 p.m.

All workshops will be held in the Broadway Edison Building.

A Guided Tour of Our New Web Direction: Navigation, Information Architecture, and Program Pages

Luv Sharma, web development director – Seattle Colleges
Ty Swenson, communications director – South Seattle College
Reed Wacker, web design lead – Seattle Colleges

South’s new website is live! It has a modern, responsive look, and dynamic features that offer a preview of the web direction Seattle Colleges’ is headed. Join us for a guided tour of the information architecture: from homepage design to academic program pages; learn how we are expanding these features to other websites and coordinating with recruitment and marketing efforts.

Early Alert & You

Kurt Buttleman, academic & student success vice chancellor – Seattle Colleges
Megan Court, Starfish technology specialist – Seattle Colleges
Faculty Member

Starfish’s Early Alert feature will be piloted this fall. Come learn more about the pilot and how this feature will be used to help guide students to the resources they need to stay on track.

Emergency & Safety Preparedness

Christel Olsen, environmental health and safety manager — Seattle Colleges
Michelle Valint, occupational safety & health manager — Seattle Colleges

This workshop will discuss strategies to plan and protect yourself in the event of an emergency. An active shooting event will be the focus scenario of the workshop.

Fundraising, Advancement, and the New Seattle Colleges Foundation

Kerry Howell, advancement vice chancellor – Seattle Colleges
Members of the Seattle Colleges Office of Advancement – Seattle Colleges

Meet the (fun) people and hear the (great) plans for advancing Seattle Colleges in 2019 and beyond.

Introduction to Emergent Strategy for Praxis in Higher Education (Equity Track, Part 2)

Evvie Ormon, Center for Working Adults navigator – Seattle Colleges
Arielle LaQuisha Matthews, workforce development pathway coordinator – Seattle Colleges

Continuing from the equity track Building an Inclusive Community, morning session, participants will further explore nature-inspired emergent strategies as a means of liberation praxis and community building in higher education. Participate in this active discussion facilitated by two district navigators who moonlight as artists, writers, and community organizers.

Know Your Rights at Work

Adair Dammann, Washington Labor Center director — South Seattle College
Dan O’Donnell, Labor Educator – South Seattle College

The Labor Center’s 5th edition of the Workers Rights’ Manual has gone mobile. Take this introduction to the newly digitized and overhauled manual to refresh your knowledge and understanding of your rights at work.

Negotiations Need You

Annette Stofer, Seattle Central College faculty and AFT president – Seattle Colleges

In preparation for 2020 contract negotiations, AFT Seattle wants to hear from our members. Join us to share ideas, express concerns, learn about ways to be involved, and view our initial negotiations survey.

Seattle Promise & You

Melody McMillian, Seattle Promise Director – Seattle Colleges
Barb Childs, Communications & Recruitment Executive Director – Seattle Colleges

2019 is the year of expansion. Come learn about Seattle Promise and what to expect this year as we expand the program to graduating seniors at ALL 17 Seattle Public High Schools.

Social Media & Your Classroom

Tatiana Garmendia, art faculty – Seattle Central College
Amanda Knowles, art faculty & gallery director — North Seattle College
Kelda Martensen, art faculty — North Seattle College

Use Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to attract new students and keep current students interested in your programs. Work in groups to brainstorm ways you can adopt social media strategies in your classes.

Tools to Build Community – Focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Abigail Daane, faculty — South Seattle College
Elizabeth Schoene, faculty – South Seattle College
Rick Downs, faculty – South Seattle College

Start with a positive, inclusive, community-building activity. This workshop will give participants ways to incorporate practices that promote the experiences of traditionally underrepresented group in their classrooms and work environments and build community from day one.

Untangling Faculty/Staff Profile Pages for Seattle Colleges

Mahim Lakhani, web development manager — Seattle Colleges
Dat Vo, software developer — Seattle Colleges

Learn more about the new directory for our faculty and staff, a pilot project started at North that is now expanding districtwide.